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Norwegians demand pension plans

Eight of ten Norwegians claim pension plans through their employer should be the rule rather than the exception, but only four of ten are willing to work longer to uphold a National Insurance pension.

The large majority of the Norwegian population claim that the employer must help out and finance their employee’s pensions in addition to the money provided from the National Insurance, according to survey conducted by MMI on behalf of Storebrand.

Approximately 900,000 employees in the private sector are today without job pension plans, according to the news bureau Newswire.

However, only 37 percent is willing to work longer in case the National Insurance would get less money to divide.

The Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry (NHO) claim that each business have to decide if it has enough money to have pension plans for their employees. NHO urges people to care for their own pensions.

Almost six of ten asked of the surveyed individuals said that a pension plan through their employer was the most valuable benefit in addition to salary. The survey indicates that only four in ten are willing to give up part of their salary in exchange for a pension.

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