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13 years for police murder

Tore Iversen was sentenced to13 years for the murder of police officer Bjarte Berthelsen. Iversen shot the officer outside the club Galleriet in Oslo last year.

Oslo tingrett found Tore Iversen guilty of voluntary manslaughter, and he was sentenced to 13 years in prison, two years less than what the prosecuting authority demanded. Iversen was also sentenced to pay NOK 330,000 in compensation and remedy for non-economic loss to Barthelsen’s parents.

Tore Iversen, age 28, and Bjarte Berthelsen, age 27, had been at Galleriet where they earlier in the evening had gotten into a brawl. At one point the row was moved outside. After a short fist fight where Iversen was knocked to the ground, witnesses went in and separated the two of them and they stepped back.

The court found that Iversen then pulled his Colt 45 out from his pants. The first shot went off accidentally into the ground in front of him. He then shot Barthelsen, and he fired one more shot while Barthelsen was lying on the ground. The young police officer died soon thereafter due to the injuries.

The murder took place at 2:20 a.m. Sunday May 19, 2002. Iversen ran from the scene, but was soon arrested by the police.

Iversen claimed that he acted in self defence, but this was rejected by the court.


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