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19-year-old killed by fireworks

A 19-year-old boy just wanted to celebrate New Year’s with his friends and lots of fireworks, but it was the last thing he ever did. The fireworks exploded in his face.

Friday night, Joakim Larsson and about 15 of his friends decided to celebrate the New Year one more time with some remaining fireworks, according to the Swedish paper Expressen.

The friends, including the victim’s little brother Linus and their friend, Peter Zetterlund, both 17, went down on the frozen-over lake Florsjøn at Mohed to send off the fireworks.

They lit it the fuse and waited, when nothing happened, and they tried again. Still nothing.

“Then we went forward one more time,” Zetterlund explained. “I was standing on the side and protected my face with my coat. Joakim tried to light it with a lighter. Suddenly, everything went purple and I can’t remember any more.”

Zetterlund got severe facial burns, but he was the lucky one. He survived. Joakim did not.

Linus called for an ambulance and ran towards his dying brother. He tried to resuscitate him, but in vain.

“I felt his heart beating when I touched his chest, then it just got weaker,” Linus explained. “When the ambulance arrived, I felt nothing.”

A good boy

When the paper met with the family in their home, several of Joakim’s friends were there. All of them are upset that this type of fireworks is available for sale.

“He was with me shopping when he brought it,” said Susanne Gustafsson, the boy’s mother. “He was a good boy so I wasn’t particularly worried. I can’t understand that they sell such powerful fireworks without a special permit. And how can it be that there is a lower age limit on buying these than on buying beer?”


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