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724,000 Norwegians commute daily

724,000 Norwegians commute daily and cross at least one township boarder to get to work. The number is three times larger than 20 years ago.

268,000 people travelled from one township to another in order to get to work in 1980, however, 21 years later the number has increased three folded.

“We move less than we did in 1980, but that does not explain the large increase,” said Kristoffer Vetvik, head of the research project at Statistisk sententralbyrå.

However, the development may not be unfortunate.

“People who otherwise would have moved continue to live and pay taxes in the rural townships. Many travel from small communities to the cities because it is not easy for college educated couples to find work in the same town,” said Reidar Almås, professor at the centre for rural research.

But one trend within commuting remains the same, the equality between the sexes fall behind. Men travel in average twice as far as women.

“Men often drive another couple of miles in stead of making dinner and picking up the children at day care,” said Almås.


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