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Added child support for foreigners in Finnmark

EFTA’s surveillance committee demands that foreigners who work in Finnmark and northern Troms also must get the added child support in the same way as Norwegians - regardless of where their children are living.

The extra child support of NOK 3792 (USD 566) per child was instituted in order to encourage families to live in the most northern part of Norway.

However, the surveillance committee ESA claimed that the arrangement was against EU’s roles for free movement of workers and the rules for coordination of social rights of people who moves to another EU/EEA country, according to the paper Nationen.

It was a Finnish woman who worked in Finnmark in 1999 who complained that she only got the ordinary Norwegian child support and not the extra amount for her children who were living in Finland. Her case was evaluated for four and half years, and ESA has now ruled the case in favour of the woman.

According to Norwegian authorities, if the added child support is paid to children who are not living in Norway, the result is that foreigners are treated better than Norwegians who are living further south, as they are not eligible for the support.

The government now has until March 19 to present its final statement before ESA makes its final decision.


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