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Bank director wants moonshine for tourists

A bank director in Northern Norway suggests that tourists should be served Norwegian moonshine in order to get the true taste of Trøndelag.

Harald Lein, bank director in SpareBank 1 Midt-Norge, claims illegally distilled spritis should be taken in from the cold. He suggests that moonshine should be marketed as a brand from Trøndelag, and that it will become a highly profiled product from the area.

“In many connections moonshine is considered as the national drink in Trøndelag,” Lein said according to the Norwegian television channel NRK. “My vision is that several farmers can collaborate on the production, just like other niche products.”

The suggestion was made at a conference at the local farmers association, Nord-Trøndelags Bondelag, at Snåsa Monday evening, Lein stated that they have something to learn from the Italians who have their Grappa.

According to Lein, producing moonshine may be the thing that puts Trøndelag on the tourist map.

“There are becoming a lot of brand names among products like oysters, bread, and meats,” Lein claimed. “But there is more to collect. Niche products would give us independence from larger mass productions. In addition, it would create development in the townships.”


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