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Bergdølmo ready for Dortmund

Norwegian footballer Andre Bergdølmo did not go to Portsmouth after all. On Wednesday he signed a contract with German club Borussia Dortmund instead.

«I am very pleased. It all happened very fast. The agreement was settled within a few hours on Wednesday», said Bergdølmo.

The Germans are thought to be paying about NOK 5 million for the Ajax player and the Norwegian has landed a good contract: His new annual salary will be NOK 12 million.

«Dortmund is always at the top of the Bundesliga and is in the Champions League as well. Portsmouth, on the other hand, would not even be amongst the top six of the Premier League. I have never been worse than number six and I think that is a tradition worth keeping», said Bergdølmo to Norwegian tabloid Dagbladet.


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