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Chess wonder boy wins large tournament

The Norwegian 13-year-old chess genius, Magnus Carlsen, won a large tournament in the Netherlands Sunday. Regardless of age, he is now among the 350 best in the world.

Carlsen took a draw in the last round of the Corus tournament Sunday and got an impressive 10.5 points on 13 rounds.

This result means that the 13-year-old from Lommedalen in Bærum now unofficially is among the 350 best chess players in the world.

And if that wasn’t enough, the wonder kid won the audience prize for his brilliant game Saturday, and he got NOK 8.500 (USD 1270) for his efforts.

“An incredible result,” said Simen Agdestein, Carlsen’s coach, to TV 2 Nettavisen. “He has very strong nerves so there were no problems in the end. This is obviously a sporting break through.”

Agdestein and Carlsen are going to go through every set the boy played in the Netherlands and try to improve his play.

Secured advancement
Carlsen won the C-group, and he has thereby secured his place in the B-group next year.

In the best group in Wijk an Zee plays some of the best in the world like Kramnik, ranked number 2, Anand, number 3, and Svidler, number 4. However, it was the Norwegian wonder boy who was named in all the headlines Saturday. “Carlsen supreme” was the title at the tournament’s website. Carlsen had to hold a press conference where he appeared with his characteristics package of raisins, and he revealed that he plans ten moves ahead.

“Just amazing. Now he appears to be a monster with a thousand eyes,” stated Agdestein after the match.

Complained about the ranking
Apparently the Norwegian chess organization has complained about Carlsen’s ranking because they state it was calculated wrong. If the complaint is granted, Carlsen will be given a number of about 2555, which equals about 260th place in the world.

Carlsen has during the last year travelled the world with his family to participate on chess tournaments. The family have sold their car and rented out their house in order to finance the travels.

Carlsen’s achievements in the Netherlands have of course made him a called for player around the world. He has gotten invitations to both Reykjavik Open and the super tournament Aeroflot Open in Moscow, but he will most likely just play in one of them, according to his father, Henrik Carlsen.


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