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Christian school bans Potter

Harry Potter was filled with witchcraft and became just too magical for the Swedish principal. She banned Harry and not even the Pope can save him.

Principal Iréne Ivarsson at the Christian Immanuelskolan at Borlänge in Sweden has apparently had enough of young Harry Potter. She banned the books from her school, according to the Danish BT.

She describes the books as unchristian and claims all the magical stunts are affecting the children in the wrong way.

However, the Vatican’s spokesperson Father Peter Fleetwood defends the Potter books.

«They are neither evil nor promoting anti-Christian ideology,» said Father Fleetwood. «I don’t think any of us grew up without fantasy worlds which sometimes were populated with wizards, fairies, angles and witches.»

Father Fleetwood claimed that the books help children separate good and evil.

J.K. Rowling’s books about Harry Potter are the most sold children books ever. Last year more than 250 million copies had been sold world wide.


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