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Connection between cell phones and sex

Youth who use their cell phone often are more sexually active than non-users, according to a survey presented in the journal published Norwegian Medical Association (NMA).

Two of three youth who use their cell phone extensively have had intercourse. Among non-users less than one in ten has become sexually active, according to a survey which was presented in the NMA journal.

«We are very surprised by these discoveries, but there is no doubt that there is a strong connection between use of cell phones and the likelihood of debuting sexually,» said Willy Pedersen, professor at the department for sociology and human geography at the University of Oslo, to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

He claims that some of the explanation may be that the use of cell phones makes sexual approaches easier for youth. The cell phone provides flexibility and to a large degree intensive, interactive and intimate contact between youth who meet.

The survey indicates that youth debut sexually earlier than before. Almost 12 percent of the girls have sexual intercourse the first time as 14-year-olds, while one in three 15-year-old girls has had sex.

Almost half of all 16-year-old girls have already had intercourse, in average one year earlier than ten years ago.

Boys debut later
Boys have a tendency to be somewhat older when they have intercourse for the first time; the average age is 18, about half a year earlier than ten years ago.

The survey is a part of a nation wide project Ung i Norway (Young in Norway) where more than 10,000 youth in the ages 13 to 18 participated.


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