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Designer Coca-Cola water comes from the tap

Coca-Cola’s designer bottled water «Dasani» is made of water directly from the tap. The same procedure is used by the company in Norway when producing the water BonAqua.

«It’s completely wrong to compare tap water with Coca-Cola products,» said Stein Rømmerud at Coca-Cola Norge.

It was the British papers like the Daily Telegraph and the Time which «revealed» the water secret after the soda giant launched Dasani last week.

Water works are upset
Coca-Cola produces Dasani at a factory in Sidcup, south eastern England. The water used comes directly from the tap, but according to the company the water goes through a very complicated cleaning process before it is poured on nice, blue bottles.

The production method makes British water works react. They claim that the water from the tap already is clean, and that the cleaning process in unnecessary. In addition, Coca-Cola undermines their product, tap water.

Wrong presentation
In addition, both media and the water works are shocked by the price. The price of a bottle of Dasani is EUR 1.4 (USD 1.7), and the same amount of water from the tap costs about NOK 0.41 (USD 6 cents).

«This is a wrong presentation,» said Rømmerud. «It is very important to remember that the taste is designed. Before it is poured on bottles, it is cleaned and filtered, and minerals are added for the taste.»

Also in Norway
A similar method is used in Norway with the carbonated water BonAqua. BonAqua is marketed as the pure and good tasting alternative, but in contrast to competitors Imsdal and Olden, Coca-Cola is not fountain water.

The carbonated water comes from a bottling plant at Lørenskog, which gets its water from Nedre Romerike Vannverk.

Uniteresing where the water originated
«It’s completely wrong to compare BonAqua and Dasani with tap water,» Rømmerud stated. «The two Coca-Cola products are produced after a recipe where the water is cleaned, filtered and minerals are added, and in the case of BonAqua, carbonation. It is completely uninteresting where the water originated.»


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