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Elderly lady pays off kid with candy after car accident

A 12-year-old boy came home and told his mother that he had earned money by being hit by a car.

The 12-yar-old from Katten, Lørenskog, was thrown over the steering bar of his bike, rolled over the hood of the car before he ended up crashing his head on the asphalt.

“He came home and said he made NOK 100 (USD 14) by being hit by a car,” the boy’s mother told the local paper, Romerikes Blad. “I was furious. To bribe a 12-year-old is horrible.”

When he got out his cell phone to call his mother, the woman gave him the money, told him to buy some sweets, and suggested that they should just forget the whole ordeal and the dent in the car.

“Buy yourself something good, and we will forget the whole thing,” said the elderly lady after the car accident.

The boy got a severe concussion as a result of the accident.


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