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Fake policeman tricks police

The police in Romerike, Norway, were called via the police radio by someone they believed was a police constable from Oslo needing assistance for a car chase. It all turned out to be nonsense.

The police were preparing themselves along the E6 road with a stinger in order to stop the alleged fleeing car.

Authentic sounding signals

The fake policeman was calling the real police via the police radio a number of times, using authentic sounding signals and reporting that a car was doing 300 kph on the E6 motorway. No car turned up, though.

As the Romerike police got in touch with colleagues in Oslo, they soon found out that there was no Oslo patrol on the motorway, according to the local newspaper.

The police soon pointed out the suspect and a 23-year-old man was arrested in his car only half an hour after the incident.

Radio equipment

«We found radio equipment in his car that could be used on our frequencies», said the real police.

The police stress that they take the «break-in» to their frequencies serious. The 23-year-old denies being responsible for the incident.


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