1. Playtime 2 x 40 min in group games and playoffs. 5 min break at half time.

2. Free choice of players. Maximum 18 man squad per game

3. The clubs can change max 7 players at the stoppage of play. Otherwise the NFF's rules for tournament play.

4. If a placement match is draw at full time, it will be decided by penalty shootout.

5. 2 yellow cards results in a match suspension, after that the player will receive one match ban for each yellow card.

6. When the red card is shown, judiciary takes disciplinary measures to make a decision on how long the quarantine the individual player is sentenced.

7. Any protests must be submitted in writing to the Secretariat or directly to the jury, against a protest fee of 750 kr. This must be submitted no later than 30 minutes after game ends.

8. If a team is not present at the pitch before the scheduled game start. The match opponent will win on walk-over with a 3-0 victory.

9. Should there be major delays in the program; the organizer is entitled to move the required match to an artificial turf pitch (outside) to comply with schedule / bulletin boards. These teams cannot protest.

10. We encourage all teams to comply with Fair Play and display good attitudes towards sentences, team mates and - opponents, coaches and spectators.

11. All teams are responsible for keeping used locker room in a good condition. Teams will be informed of any damage and replace/compensate the damage caused by vandalism.

12. Team Managers and coaches are responsible for returning footballs, vests and cones used for warm-ups, being brought back to where gear is placed next to the pitch before game start.

13. Current priorities for group games:
- Points
- Goal difference
- Number of goals scored
- Interrelation
- Draft