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Frozen pizza on Christmas Eve

Almost 100,000 Norwegians have eaten the frozen pizza Grandiosa on Christmas Eve.

According to a survey conducted by MMI, 3 percent of the Norwegian population over the age of 15, equivalent to about 100,000 people, has eaten Grandiosa on Christmas Eve.

“The numbers indicate that people who eat Grandiosa on Christmas Eve are from all levels of society and there are no regional differences,” said Tormod Rasten, product chief at Stabburet, the company who produces the frozen pizza.

“It is not a goal for Stabburet that people should eat pizza on Christmas Eve, but we see that pizza can fill a need for some people and function as a filling meal for example during the early afternoon before the hectic Christmas activities starts, but I don’t think many use Grandiosa as a Christmas dinner.”

Stabburet stated that the sale of the frozen pizza increased almost 40 percent during the month of December compared with the rest of the year.

Norwegians tend to eat traditionally prepared cod, pork ribs or salted and dried ribs of mutton for Christmas dinner.


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