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Germans are crazy for Kurt

Germany could not wait for a new version of Kurt Nilsen’s album “I”, and the sale is sky rocking. BMG in Germany recently ordered 20,000 copies of the album, and it is the most sold album on the German amazon site.

“We normally have to go through the album in each country,” said Lena Midtveit, head of BMG Norway to Absolutt Underholdning. “Sometimes they want a new music video, another selection or a new music video, but the Germans wanted it as it was.”

Internet sales

Nilsen’s popularity is increasing and at amazon.de his debut album is the most sold for the time being.

Germany has the third largest record market in the world.

Nilsen’s album is also sold at other sites such as the British Play.com, but the album is so far not one of the best selling. The debut album is currently not being sold at the American and the British amazon.com.

International showcase in Oslo

The record company, the star himself and his manager Jan Fredrik Karlsen are inviting everyone to an international showcase at Rockefeller in Oslo January 28.

“This is something we wish to do,” Karlsen explained. “Kurt is a songwriter, and he loves to perform live.”


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