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Good buzz for "Just Bea"

American Variety believes “Just Bea” will get some problems abroad because of its direct way of discussing sex, but film is viewed in a positive air in Berlin.

The Norwegian film “Just Bea” falls into the so-called Kinderfest section. For the time being the film has only had one showing, and the second one is today Tuesday.

Positive reviews
“The reviews from the audience have been very good,” stated Synnøve Hørsdal, the film’s producer, to TV 2 Nettavisen. “It was a cheerful mood during the viewing Monday and many people were present.”

Hørsdal said the film is talked about a lot and foreign media are interested in the three girls who are present in Berlin.

“Just Bea” is viewed in the section 14plus, which is a new section in the children’s film part in Berlin. The reason for the new section is that European and Scandinavian children and youth films are known to be of a high quality, but also to discus themes that is not appropriate for the youngest children.

Hard to sell
As “Just Bea” has just taken its first small steps abroad in Berlin, the international reviews have not yet been published, but the trade magazine Variety was early with its reviews.

Variety writes favourably about “Just Bea,” but writes that the film’s direct approach when it comes to sex talk may limit its audience in many areas.

“Just Bea” was ranked as a PG film in Norway, but has been greatly discussed. Hørsdal entered the discussion because she claimed it was a too strict censor politics of a film with an important youth topic.


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