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Government wants more small power plants

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy presented Friday a new strategy to increase the establishment of small power plants. The government want to priorities developments to strengthen the basis for more hydroelectric power production.

“Small hydroelectric power plants are important both to increase the production and to improve the economic basis in the districts,” wrote Brit Skjelbred, parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

The government wants to make it easier to build such plants. One of the main goals for the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is to make the treatment of such cases simpler both connected to the establishment and the operations of such plants. At the same time, measures have been taken to make developments of small plants more profitable.

In addition, the government will make information more available and more favoritable the tax regulations which will be effective as of 2004.

“Based on this should it be possible to establish a number of the planned small hydroelectric power production around the country,” Skjelbred stated.


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