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Help organizations get only 30 percent

Norway’s largest telemarketing firm takes a 70 percent cut of donations to humanitarian work.

Many humanitarian organizations use professional telemarketing companies when they are collecting money for their projects. According to the Norwegian news channel, NRK, Norway’s largest telemarketing company, talk2me, takes a 70 percent cut for the job.

Nobody asks

People donating money does not know how little of their money which actually reaches the humanitarian organizations.

“They are not informed about that because they do not ask, but I assume that they understand that our employees also must get paid for the work,” said Aril Horsberg, head of talk2me.

Last year, talk2me collected about NOK 100 million (USD 14 million) for organizations like Norwegian People’s aid, Norwegian Church Aid and Sjømannskirken, the Norwegian church abroad. The surplus amounted to about NOK 10 million (USD 1.4 million), according to NRK.

Ivar Christiansen, head of information at Norwegian People’s Aid, said that he understand that people react to the high percentage which is paid to the telemarketing company, but he claims that this in reality is set-up costs.


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