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Hydro is admired world wide

The Norwegian giant Norsk Hydro is the third most admired metal company in the world, according to an overview compiled by Fortune Magazine. Norwegian Statoil is listed as number seven on the oil company list.

More than 10,000 top executives, directors and analysts participated in Fortunes survey, according to the Norwegian financial paper Finansavisen.

American companies dominate the lists, and 36 of the 50 most admired companies are American. Wal-Mart, General Electric and Microsoft occupy the top three slots over the most admired companies world wide.

On last year’s list over the most admired chemical companies, Hydro was listed in seventh place. The Norwegian company was moved to the category of metal companies this year, and Norsk Hydro is only surpassed by Alcan and Alcoa.

Statoil, which last year was listed as number eight over the most admired oil companies, was moved up one place as Conoco and Phillips, which occupied the fifth and seventh place, merged.


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