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Internet list of 990 men

Norwegian Bjarte Arneson has made a list of 990 men that he can remember from his 24-year-long life and the project has called for utterly different reactions.

«A lot of people search for their own names on the Internet and the ones that find their name on my pink list called »The men of my life« and don't immediately remember me, send me hysterical emails asking what the hell this is about and who the F*** I am», said Bjarte.

Bjarte adds that he has also received hits from the gay portal Gaysir, from men who have clearly misunderstood his project, thinking that Bjarte must be an incredibly virile man.

Some people, on the other hand, are grateful because Bjarte's list has made old friends or relatives find back each other via the list.

Late night drinking

The idea to make an alphabetical and updated list of all males, living or dead, that Bjarte has been in touch with throughout his life was founded during a late night drinking. Bjarte wrote down the names of men he remembered and the list counted 650 names.

Bjarte only notes down people with whom he has had conversations and the most important criteria is that he remembers the person.

The list counts 990 names and Bjarte is preparing a 1000 jubilee, promising that number 1000 on the list will receive some sort of attention, though he does not want to reveal any details yet.

Anthropological value

And what on earth is the meaning of a grand project such as this?

Bjarte Arneson has no answer to that question, but he thinks the project might have some sort of anthropological value.


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