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Investigator claims suspect met Krekar

30-year-old Jamal Zougam, who is suspected to be one of the main organizers behind the terror attack in Madrid, allegedly visited Mullah Krekar in Norway several times, claim one investigator.

The French investigator Jean-Charles Brisard has been hired by the law firm representing the surviving relatives after the terror attacks September 11.

Brisard is trying on behalf of the surviving relatives to reveal Al-Qaeda’s accomplices and make them responsible for their actions. It is through this work that Brisard said he has gained access to the Norwegian police records.

«I have documents from Norwegian police’s intelligence sources which prove the meetings between Zougam and Krekar took place in Norway,» Brisard said to the Norwegian paper VG.

«I know that Zougam several times visited Norway,» Brisard stated. «The reason for the visits was to connect with a former Bosnian mujahedin freedom fighter so that he could connect with Ansar al-Islam in northern Iraq.»

Demand a full investigation
Brynjar Meling, Mullah Krekar’s lawyer, stated that he thought the information from Norwegian police is only nonsense.

«What is interesting is that he has information from Norwegian police,» Meling said to TV 2 Nettavisen. «Then the question is why Norwegian police did not use this information when they tried to keep Krekar on remand.»

Meling is now demanding a full investigation of the statements to establish if there is any truth to them. Meling said that he thinks this is a part of American propaganda against Mullah Krekar.

«I’m stating that yet another person is throwing a statement regarding Krekar,» Meling stated. «This fits well into the pattern that Americans are running a propaganda campaign against Krekar.»

Mullah Krekar himself is currently busy working with his book. Meling said that Mullah Krekar is hoping to get some peace and quiet so that he can concentrate on the writing and the upcoming promotion of the book.

Even if Mullah Krekar for the moment is a free man, he is still being investigated by Økokrim, the central unit for investigation and raising charges of economical and environmental crime, and the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, headed by Erna Solberg, is still working to get Mullah Krekar deported.


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