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Italian Siena wants more Norwegians

Italian Siena is so pleased with their Norwegian soccer player, Tore André Flo, that they are now shopping for more Norwegian players.

“That is correct. They have said that they are interested, and I have sent them several videos with Norwegian players. As of now, Siena has not talked to anyone, but we have to see if we can not send a Norwegian down there in the window which opens in January,” said Gunnar Martin Kjenner, Flo’s agent, to TV 2 Nettavisen.

Want a Norwegian team player

Kjenner does not want to give out any names, but it is known that he is also Ragnvald Somas agent. Regardless, Flo would like a Norwegian team player.

“Tore André has always wanted to play on a team with other Norwegians, so we have to see if it turns out that way.”

This weekend Siena meets Rome and another Norwegian player, John Carew. Both Flo and Carew have scored one goal each the three times they have been playing so far, but the future is full of possibilities.


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