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Killer whale Keiko gets a monument

Keiko, the world famous killer whale will be given a monument at his grave in Taknesbukta, Norway.

In order to honor Keiko there will be raised a monument where the famous killer whale is buried in Halsa Township.

“We think it’s a nice way to end the circle, to get a monument where people can come and look, a stone with his name,” said Frank Håvik, Norwegian representative of the Free Willy-Keiko Foundation. “We are discussing it with Halsa Township, and there will be a monument. Many millions of people around the world think it’s sad (that he died). Since Keiko participated in the Free Willy films ten years ago, he has become a symbol for many people, a symbol of freedom.”


Keiko suddenly became sick with pneumonia and died two and half days later. He was buried secretly in Taknesbukta, only 40 meters from the place where he spent his last year of his life.

“He died a happy whale, and a whale that was at peace with everything around him,” Håvik said. “But at the same time, it was apparent that Keiko was a lonely whale. He lived a life alone.”

Keiko died 27 years old.


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