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Krekar confirmed suicide attack

Mullah Krekar confirmed five weeks ago on a discussion program at the TV station Al-Jazeera that the organization Ansar al-Islam was behind the suicide attack in Northern Iraq March 22, 2003.

On the debate program “Al-Ittijah-al-Muakis” (“in the opposite direction”) on the Arabian television channel Al-Jazeera aired December 2, Mullah Krekar confirmed the terror attack in Northern Iraq.

An Australian journalist was among the people killed in the attack.

Addressed as leader

During the program, Mullah Krekar was several times addressed as leader of Ansar al-Islam, and the host addressed the Mullah several times with the title “zaim” which is Arabian for leader. Mullah Krekar allegedly never protested, according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

Every time Mullah Krekar was introduced, the subtitle “head of the group Ansar al-Islam, Oslo” was visible on the screen.

Mullah Krekar participated in the program from a studio in Oslo while the others were present in a studio in Qatar.

Mullah Krekar’s lawyer Brynjar Meling has refused to comment his client’s TV appearance.

“I only relate to what Krekar has said during police questionings, that he says that he has not been the leader of Ansar al-Islam since May 2002,” Meling said.


Mullah Krekar is currently arrested with monitoring of correspondence and visits, awaiting Borating Court of Appeal treatment of Økokrim’s demand of holding Mullah Krekar on remand with incommunicado detention. Økokrim has expressed fear that Mullah Krekar may affect witnesses in the case against him if he is not detained.

However, Mullah Krekar’s wife visited her husband Wednesday, according to the paper Dagbladet.

There were allegedly no form of control during her visitation, and Mullah Krekar has also allegedly had the opportunity to call his family.

Chief Public Prosecutor Erling Grimstad was not aware of the meeting when he was asked to comment on it Thursday night.


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