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Kurt takes the world by storm

This is the story about how the average Joe became a hero, or rather how Kurt Nilsen, the plumber from Norway, charmed the world, won the World Idol competition and proved once and for all that he was far from average.

The 25-year-old from Bergen said he was flabbergasted and happy when the final votes came in, and his win was a fact.

“This is huge, just in sane!” Nilsen proclaimed after the victory. “I was just amazed and didn’t know what to say.”

After getting five minutes alone in the back room to catch his breath and collect his thoughts, Nilsen went back on stage and sang U2’s “Beautiful Day” one more time, but be sure, that was not the last time the world heard from Nilsen.

Next stop: the world

The next stop on the program for Nilsen is probably launching his music internationally.

“The world is next,” said Lena Midveit, head of the Norwegian branch of the record company BMG.

“What a man,” said Jan Fredrik Karlsen, an Idol judge, to TV 2 while he celebrated with champagne from a television studio in Oslo together with the Norwegian Idol hosts Thomas Numme and Harald Rønningen. “He crushed everybody. And even after winning, he just enters the stage and delivered. He has a unique talent. And I’m so proud!”

Karlsen is now serving as Nilsen’s manager.

Nilsen was leading the vote together with American Kelly Clarkson the entire way. Clarkson has sold 2.5 million albums and had a massive television ad campaign in advance of the vote, but that did apparently not threaten Nilsen.

Not even, Ian Dickinson, the Australian judge, crude remark that Nilsen had a voice like an angel, but a looked like a hobbit, could stop the Norwegian’s race to the top.