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Landowners want to save salmon for tourists

It is all about money. The property owners in Gaula in Trondheimsfjorden want to pay the fishermen not to fish salmon because if the fish swim higher up in the river the kilo price increase considerably.

Salmon fishers from the United States and Germany pay several thousand krone, or hundreds dollars, to fish salmon in the Norwegian rivers. The only problem is that the salmon fishing boats catch the fish at sea before it ever makes it up the rivers, so property owners along the river think they have found the perfect solution; pay the professional fishermen not to fish.

The professional fishermen fishing at sea in Sør Trøndelag caught 80 ton of salmon and sold it for about NOK 50 or 60 per kilo.

“The salmon in the rivers is worth much more. Foreign sport fishermen happily pay large amounts to get access to fishing in a river full with salmon,” said German Manfred Raguse, who runs Støren Hotell, to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

Raguse claims that the kilo price on salmon to tourists will probably be at NOK 2000-3000 (USD 290-390). The landowners are therefore interested in paying the sea fishermen to not fish close by the river entrance.


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