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Lawyers pay to get out of further training

Norwegian lawyers pay the penalty fee in order to get out of the required extended vocational training.

The number of Norwegian lawyers who pays the penalty fee in order to avoid the required extended vocational training will most likely increase during this period, according to the Norwegian paper Nationen. At the beginning of November, a total of 2175 lawyers had not completed the required training.

Members of Den norske Advokatforeningen, the Norwegian law association, are required to take at least 80 hours of extended vocational training during five years, according to association’s requirement. More than 1000 lawyers were short as many as 16 hours, while 130 members were short more than 64 hours in the beginning of November.

According to Ove Vigdal, head of administration at Den norske Advokatforeningen, the number of lawyers without the required hours will probably decrease closer to the new years, but he said he believes the number of people who have to pay the penalty fee will probably increase this five-year period compared with the last period.

Lawyer Arild Humlen is critical to the arrangement where lawyers can pay to get out of additional training. Humlen states that the people who skip the required training should end up on a public list.

Helge Aarseth, head of the association, confirmed that the arrangement is being discussed in the management. He stated that the penalty fee was intended to put pressure on the members to meet the obligations and that the association does not approve of the members who do not follow the requirements.


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