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Lecturer acquitted for erection

A 40-year-old lecturer at a college in Northern Norway, lost his job after he got an erection in the presence of two students. The court claims the incident can not be held against him.

Two female students contacted college management after the incident where they claim the lecturer exposed himself indecently to them in a work-out room. The district attorney filed a suit against the man after the local police suggested not prosecuting the case. However, in the criminal case the lecturer was unanimously acquitted.

In Hammarfest law of property, the ground for dismissal was found wrongful, and Høgskolen in Finnmark has been sentenced to pay the court costs amounting to NOK 162,000, reported newspaper Dagbladet.

According to witness accounts from students, the incident took place when the lecturer got an erection while he was lying on a work-out mat lifting weights. The court bases its decision on the fact that even if one of the women claims that she saw his penis, the majority of the people in court claimed that this was not his intention.

It is likely that the erected penis may have been visible between the shorts and his thigh, and the fact that the lecturer can not be held accountable for this to any particular degree was given as a reason for the judgment.

Just after the incident, the lecturer is said to have apologized to the students.

“This case has had enormous consequences for my client. We will file a claim for compensation if the final judgment is that the dismissal was unlawful,” said the lecturer’s lawyer, Oscar Ihlebæk, to Dagbladet.


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