About 50 miles north of Oslo, Jevnaker is a sleepy village on the southern shore of the Rands Fjord that is also home to one of the largest sculpture parks in northern Europe.

This is how New York Times starts their recommondation for one of the places you must visit in 2020.

The place, Jevnaker, may be very sleepy compared to New York with its 6 500 inhabitants, three grocery shops, a couple of restaurants and historically not much more than a very prosperous and successful glassworks as a claim to fame.

A must-see cultural destination

If the glassworks is not enough (it's well worth a visit, and e-mail booking@hadeland-glassverk.no to see if it's possibile to book a guided tour of the more than 250 year old factory), the main reason is to visit the Kistefos museum. The money from an old paper works company has been spent on building one of the largest sculptur parks in the world and the main museum that is spanning a river in the middle of it. As New York Times puts it: a must-see cultural destination.

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How to get to The Twist in Norway

If you're getting to Norway by plane you are probably landing at Oslo Lufthavn, and it takes under an hour to get to the museum by car. A taxi will be extremely expensive, but a rental will get you there through great nature. You can also go by bus from the airport. The bus stops are Kistefossvegen and Bergermoen.

If you are already in Oslo you can use the train to Hønefoss, and take a local bus or a taxi.

The season

You can look at the architecture and the sculpture park in the winter, but the main season for the museum is May 24th until October 4th in 2020.

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(This story is published in the Norwegian newspaper Nettavisen for english-speaking visitors to Norway, you are most welcome).