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Male teacher returns as a woman

When the students return after their Christmas break, their male teacher is going to be a woman.

The school is located in Østlandet, in southern Norway.

This is apparently the second time a teacher at a Norwegian school announces publicly that he is changing his gender and chooses to stay at his current place of employment with a new name and identity, according to the Norwegian paper VG.

Parents and guardians received a frank and honest letter from the teacher at the grade school this week.

Frustrated and feel depressed

“Until now, I have lived as a man at work, but as a woman on my spare time (¿) The double life that I lead is a great strain for me and I get frustrated and feel depressed (¿) This is the reason why I am going to go in for treatment. This means that the first day of school after the Christmas vacation, I will arrive at work as a woman.”

The man, who is in his 30s, admits that this may be “provoking and appalling for some people.” He ends his open-hearted letter by asking people to understanding and reminds them that not all people are the same.

Teach the children tolerance

According to a document attached to the letter, the principal and representatives at the school give their full support to the teacher. The case was allegedly discussed extensively by the employees at the school, in addition to other relevant people in the community. According to the principal at the school, no parents have expressed negative attitudes towards the teacher.

“The school’s task is to teach the children to have tolerance for all kinds of people,” said the head of the education council in the township. “This situation is not a problem for teachers. I hope that other people also show tolerance.”


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