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Man on a killing mission got lost

A furious and mentally unstable 37-year-old was planning to cut his ex-wife and her live-in boyfriend to threads, but he walked into the wrong apartment.

The man was sentenced in Kristiansand county court to one year and three months in jail for aggravated violence against his ex-wife’s neighbours, according to the local paper Fædrelandsvennen.

The 37-year-old broke into to the apartment next door Monday night, December 9, and attacked the couple Patricia Zapata and Gavin O’Kane, inflicting large cuts.

«I counted windows to find my ex-wife’s apartment,» the 37-year-old explained at Kristiansand county court, according to the paper.

In addition to jail time, the man was sentenced to pay NOK 60,000 (USD 8,570) in compensation to the couple.

In court, the 37-year-old retracted the statements that he wanted to kill his ex-wife and her live-in boyfriend, statements he had given to the police just after the arrest and during questioning.


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