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Manufacturer fears hackers tampered with pizza votes

Stabburet fear that hackers may have manipulated the votes in the great Grandiosa vote regarding the flavours of the frozen pizza. The vote count is now been stopped.

The website for the Grandiosa election states that the numbers will be updated every week, but the now number has not been changed since Friday March 5. The reason is that Stabburet fear that someone has tampered with the votes.

«We are currently doing a provisional evaluation of the pull,» said Inger Johanne Solhaug, pizza director at Orkal foods, to Aftenposten’s website.

She does not hide the reason why the number has not been updated.

«The reason is that someone has written that people have tried to cheat in the election,» Solhaug stated.

The rumours that have been circulating the last couple of weeks state that hackers have manipulated the popular vote. At a news site on the web, someone is bragging that as many 100,000 fictive votes have been added.

The company Nettkonsult, that delivered the system used for the popular vote, denied that the voting system had been tampered with.

The manufacturer of Grandiosa, Stabburet, organized the vote to establish what flavor should be kept, pepperoni or meat and onion.

TV 2 Nettavisen has earlier reported that the total sale of Grandiosa increased with 60 percent so far this year, both pepperoni and meat and onion are now more popular than the original Grandiosa pizza.


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