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Mayor wants prime minister to move

After the Norwegian Prime Minister experienced a bomb scare at his home Friday, he has expressed a wish to move. The mayor in the county supports the idea.

Kjell Magne Bondevik’s neighbours have until now characterized their neighbourhood at Kolbotn as “Norway’s safest” because of the extensive police patrolling, but they got a big scare Friday when heavy armed police arrived at the prime minister’s house. The police have received word of a possible bomb threat.

Good idea

Bondevik has stated that he considers moving, and Sylvi Graham, the mayor in Oppegård, said it may be a good idea.

“It may not be a bad solution,” she said to TV 2 Nettavisen. “It unfortunately looks like the world has changed so it is not safe to have a prime minister living so close to his neighbours and a child care centre.”

Strange package

Large armed troops arrived at the housing complex in the centre of Kolbotn after neighbours observed a man with a strange package under his arm. The police contained the area, and closed off a larger wooded area.

Children at the school close by were kept in doors and there was also a search of the child care facility next to the prime ministers house.

Nothing was found, and the man seems like he has disappeared from the face of the earth.


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