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More teenagers with alcohol problems

The alcohol consumption among Norwegian teenagers has doubled during the last decade. More young people seek help to treat their addictions.

According to Jarle at Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Oslo, more and more young people seek help because of alcohol problems.

According to the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen, youth between 15 and 20 years drank 2.89 litres pure alcohol annually in 1993, while the amount had increased to 5.55 litres last year, in other words, a doubling in ten years.

“A combination of starting young and large consumption is dangerous,” said Halvor Kjølstad, director at Blåkorssentret in Oslo to the paper. “The earlier they start, the more likely it is that they get alcohol problems.”

Kjølstad warns particularly against wine coolers, something which he claims is one of the reasons why young people drink more alcohol.

The legal drinking age for beer and wine in Norway is 18, while the lower age limit for hard alcohol is 20.


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