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Mullah furious after defamatory stunt

Lawyer Brynjar Meling demands that Shabana Rehman apologizes for the stunt she pulled at Smuget yesterday, when she lifted controversial Mullah Krekar off the ground.

«I can’t possible understand what the reason for the stunt was,» said Meling to TV 2 Nettavisen. «Rehman knows very well that this is very defamatory for a Muslim.»

The incident took place after a debate at the nightclub Smuget last night when the stand-up comedian Shabana Rehman wanted to perform a very special test on the Mullah. According to Rehman, she wanted to test if Mullah Krekar was a fundamentalist.

Grabbed around his thighs
The test was to lift Mullah Krekar off the ground. Rehman grabbed around his thighs and lifted him off the ground.

Mullah Krekar had meet Lars Gule, secretary-general in Norwegian Humanist Association, and Torkel Brekke, religion scientist, for a debate regarding the Mullah’s values, and to discuss whether or not Krekar is a threat against Norway’s national security.

«This is contempt against people, and contempt against me,» exploded Mullah Krekar directly after Rehman’s stunt. «This was an assault against me. You have no right to touch me, just as I have no right to touch you.»

«I’m going to deliver a complaint through my lawyer, Brynjar Meling,» Mullah Krekar continued. «I will get to the bottom of who’s behind this.»

Create racism
«I completely understand my client’s reaction,» Meling said to TV 2 Nettavisen. «He viewed this as a direct assault on his person. Firstly, I will demand an apology from Shabana Rehman, and then we will consider whether or not we are going to pursue this.»

He stated that Rehman’s behaviour was not at all funny, but only was a means to offend his client, and create fertile conditions for racism.

«What if an older man had touched a young priest on his thighs in order to be humours,» Meling stated. «Then the entire women’s movement would probably have reacted. This is a violation which has to be acted on.»

Rehman stood quiet and heard Mullah Krekar’s reaction after she had lifted him off the ground. When he had finished, she delivered the result of her private test.

Have lifted a prominent politician and a bishop
«I have lifted both politician Jens Stoltenberg and Bishop Gunnar Stålset,» Rehman explained. «A man carried by a woman can not be a fundamentalist, but here we see the result.»

Even Secretary-General Lars Gule, who during the debate compared Mullah Krekar with a fascist, defended the Mullah’s reaction.

«I don’t think the audience understand what kind of defamatory action Krekar has been exposed to here,» Gule stated. «This is very serious. Rehman has Pakistani heritage and is very well aware of what kind of defamatory action this is.»

On the other side, Rehman claimed that the action was not meant as defamatory against the Mullah.


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