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MyDoom continues its rage

Most security firms claim MyDoom is the worst virus ever, and experts are afraid that this is only the beginning.

The computer security firm Symantac has graded the virus to four of a scale of five. Even after four days after the first outbreak the virus is spreading with great speed. This is allegedly surprising many virus analysts as they suspected the virus would slowly die after a short time.

The security company Softscan claims that one of three of all e-mail that is not considered to be spam or does not carry other virus carries the MyDoom virus, and the company estimates that 95 percent of all virus is currently due to MyDoom.

The mutated version of the virus called MyDoom.b has until now been discovered in limited numbers, according to the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten.

MyDoom.b virus strain is currently being analysed by the Russian virus Institution Kaspersky labs.

As with the first version, this virus infest machines with DDoS attacks, Distribudet Denial of Service, against websites. While the a-version only focused on attacking the company SCO, the b-version also attacks Microsoft’s website.

The attacks against the two companies will, according to Kaspersky, happen sometime between February 1 and 12.

According to Kaspersky Labs, the latest attacks are only the beginning, and the company predicts that there will be much worse things in the future.


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