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Near death accident when F-16 meets car

It was only chance that prevented serious personal injuries when a delivery truck was penetrated by the fastener for the rocket on an F-16 plane at Bodø main airport Monday.

The dramatic even took place Monday morning at Bodø main airport. An F-16 plane, which was being transported to the engineering workshop for repairs, was towed by a tractor on one of the taxi strips in the area.

At the same time, one of the Norwegian Air Force’s cars, a Toyota Hiace, came driving past. The driver was going to deliver bottles of oxygen to one of the shelters.

Cut his earlobe

The rail under one of the wings went right through the windshield of the car, cut the driver’s earlobe before piercing the neck-rest above his head.

“It could have ended much worse,” admitted Jan Arntzen, group captain at Bodø main airport to the local paper Avis Nordland.


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