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Neighbours and colleagues reveal frauds

Several attempts of frauds are revealed by tips from neighbours and colleagues.

“Many personal fraudulent cases are solved by tips from neighbours or colleagues,” stated Stein Haakonsen, head of information in the Norwegian Financial Service Association (FNH), to the paper Dagsavisen. “Many don’t like to see frauds carried out right in front of their noses, and they report them.”

7.2 percent of the 935 discovered attempts of swindle were revealed in 2002 due to tips from the public, a percentage almost as high as the number of cases revealed by the police, equal to 8.1 percent.

However, not surprising the highest number of cases revealed was discovered by the insurance companies. They revealed a total 84.4 percent of the cases.

There was revealed 200 more cases of fraud in 2002 than in 2001.

However, even thought the number of people revealed for fraud is increasing, there are a lot of people who get away with it. FNH estimates that the collected value of the fraudulent claims within life and personal insurance was about NOK 1 billion (USD 142.8 million) last year.


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