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No low fare tickets for Norwegians

Airline SAS offers low prices on their flights from Sweden and Denmark but Norwegian travellers do not get the same privileges.

Both Swedish and Danish travellers can enjoy SAS's new low fare concept. Norwegians will have to settle for the normal prices, though.

Low price concept Snowflake was launched in Copenhagen and Stockholm in March and the plan was to do the same at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. SAS said in a press release that the same offer would be launched in Norway this autumn.

Now the Snowflake launch is postponed and no new date is set.

«We have no plans to launch this in the autumn. We hope that we may be able to introduce he offer this spring but no decisions have yet been made», SAS spokeswoman Siv Meisingseth told Finansavisen.

Snowflake was introduced in order to meet the competition from low fare airlines Ryanair, Sterling and easyJet. The concept is a great success so far.

Even if low prices tempt customers, Snowflake is still waiting to make profits.

The cheapest flights cost 580 Swedish Kronor and 415 Danish Kroner. Taxes come in addition.


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