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Norwegian anti-racist activists to Sweden

20 young Norwegians from SOS Rasisme travelled Friday to Stockholm to join forces with their Swedish counterparts to stop a Nazi march.

Swedish Nazis are planning a march in Salem outside Stockholm for the third connective year, and once again they will be met by a counter demonstration organized by the local organization Salem-borgere mot rasisme.

Last year as many as 1400 Swedish Nazis and racists, many in uniform, marched through the streets of the little town of Salem.

“With the registered Nazi activity in Norway lately, it is important to mobilize against Nazi organization,” states SOS Rasisme. “Nazism is in its nature, and its entire history a violent and criminal movement.”

The Norwegian anti-racists state that they have information that Nazis from several countries in Northern Europe are travelling to Sweden to participate in the march. Representatives from the Norwegian Nazi organization Nasjonal Ungdom are expected to be present.

“We do not intend to sit here at home and wait for the Norwegian Nazis to get training from their Swedish counterparts,” stated SOS Rasisme. “It is important to show solidarity with Swedish immigrants, anti racists and others who are threatened by Nazi’s terror activities.”

SOS Rasisme has over 12,000 members in Norway and 80 local offices nationally.


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