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Norwegian soccer women looses against USA

The Norwegian women’s soccer team had to see their chance of playing at the World Championship and the Olympics in Athens next year disappear as the American team won last night’s game

USA-NORWAY 1-0: Norway made an honest try, but the championship’s best team and a brazen American referee were too much for the Norwegian team in the quarterfinals.

Norway feared the 5’10, 85 kilo heavy Abby Wambach before the meeting at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Boston, and they had all reason to do so.

Wambach was the game’s great player and headed in the free kick which ended Norway’s hopes. Nicole Petignat, the American referee, was far from neutral, and awarded the home team with a penalty kick. However, Bente Nordby caught Mia Hamm’s ball and held it tight.

“I just decided to save the penalty kick. I had built up a rage against the American team and the referee,” Norby said.

Norway was the first team in the Championship that gave the American team a run for their money, but Norway did not manage to create a single, really good chance of scoring in the game.

“We should be disappointed, but I’m calm and a little proud of them. They were fighting out there, but we were not good enough today. We can not do magic or miracles,” said Åge Steen, the Norwegian team coach, to the Norwegian news bureau, NTB.


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