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Norwegian technology used in Iraq

Technology from the Norwegian company Ibas is used by the British army in Iraq. Ibas has provided technology to trace and analyse data.

Ibas, owned by Norman, a Norwegian data safety company, has in specialized in deleting and retrieving data from computers. The technology is now being used by British troops in Iraq.

In the field

It is a specialty branch of the British army who is using the Norwegian technology to uncover hidden files, e-mails and deleted information from hard disks, from both confiscated computer equipment and from other computer based media.

Major John Pringle in the specialty branch said the decision to go with Ibas was taken because the company provided a better package which could be used in the rough climate which exists in Iraq.

Collect evidence

The technology from the Norwegian company will among other things be used to collect evidence against war criminals in Iraq.

The technology from Ibas has been used in a number of cases in Norwegian court cases and accidents. Ibas was hired on to secure data in both the Åsta accident and the Sleipner wreck.

Technology and personnel from Ibas have been used in Iraq before. UN weapon inspectors hired an Ibas employee to assist them with their work in Iraq before the war.


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