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Norwegian woman wanted for kidnapping daughter

Norwegian Camilla is wanted by international police after kidnapping her 2-year-old daughter. The police think Camilla is hiding in Norway.

The father of the child is American and has been in Norway since September last year looking for his kidnapped daughter.

In a unique sentence, the Oslo court has decided to deny the American residency in Norway to look for his daughter.

The father's lawyer is shocked by the decision, saying:

«This is unbelievable. If we ignore the adults in this case, this is a very questionable treatment of children. The only person capable of making progress in this case is the father and he only asks to be allowed to stay in the country until his daughter has been found», the lawyer said.

The court decided that the father might as well be in the US waiting for the police to find his daughter, despite the fact that the 30-year-old mother is expected to be in Norway with the child.

The mother ran away with the daughter in California in June last year and shortly after the father was granted custody by an American court.

The woman is wanted in the US and also by Norwegian police, in the Schengen area and by Interpol.

The father came to Norway in September last year to try to find his daughter. As the mother and daughter were not to be found, the American applied for a work and residence permit in Norway. The applications were dismissed and the decision was maintained by the Hedmarken court.

The father is distressed by the decision and has appealed.

His lawyer finds it ironic that the father would automatically be granted a residence permit if his daughter had been found and that he is denied the permit because of the criminal actions of the child's mother.


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