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Norwegians Europe's biggest complainers

Norwegians were listed among Europe’s biggest complainers regarding health services, public services and the local environment, when nine countries and 11,000 people were surveyed.

The survey was commissioned by the pharmacy company Pfizer.

The survey indicates that the Irish are among the most happy, while Greece ended on the absolute bottom, according to the paper Dagbladet.

While only 53 percent of the questioned Norwegians said that the health services provided were good service, 70 percent of the Belgians agreed. Norwegians felt however, a little safer than other Europeans. 61 percent said they felt safe, however, 74 percent of the Irish enjoyed the sense of feeling safe.

55 percent of Norwegians are pleased with their local environment, while the Irish once again appear as the most satisfied with 77 percent. 47 percent of Norwegians approve the public services as access to education and public transport, while the Belgians rise higher with 65 percent.

Sociologist Tone Fløtten, head of research at Fafo Institute, said she thinks the reason why Norwegians are so displeased is that people’s affluence have increased and they therefore require the same from the public sector.

Manager Kjell Roland at ECON Analyse believes that he oil money leads to the competition between the sectors, as they highlight each other’s wretchedness because "they who screams the loudest, get heard".


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