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Not automatic world launch for World Idol

Even though Kurt Nilsen won the World Idol competition, the world launch is not a given.

“It is not like it is going to be an automatic world launch even though Kurt won,” said Jan Fredrik Karlsen, Nilsen’s manager.

But even several hours after the announcement that Nilsen, 25, won World Idol, Karlsen was so worked up that he just could not sit still. Together with the rest of the Idol gang, he celebrated the event with champagne in the TV 2 reception area.

“Just insane, who would have thought that Kurt Nilsen was going to win World Idol?” beamed Karlsen, a satisfied and proud manager.

Didn’t believe in victory

“Kurt has a unique talent and many qualities that others don’t have,” Karlsen stated. “Most important is his amazing voice. He also has lots of charm and personality; he beams of energy which separates him from the masses.”

But he did not think Nilsen would make it all the way to the top because the Norwegian was branded as the underdog.

World launch

Kurt Nilsen got a record deal with the Norwegian branch of the international company BMG when he won the Norwegian “Idol”. Lena Midtveit, head of the Norwegian branch, was a member of the jury, and she gave record deals to David Pedersen and Gaute Ormåsen as well.

Midtveit stated that the interest for Nilsen is large, particularly in Canada and Australia.

But even if Nilsen has been declared the World Idol, he is not secured international success. He returns to Norway on Friday. Nilsen and Karlsen are going to cool down and make plans for the future.

“We are going to sit down, analyse what has happened, and meet with BMG according to the company’s wishes,” Karlsen stated. “It is not like it is going to be an automatic world launch even though Kurt won.”