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"Norway is less corrupt"

Sist oppdatert:
According to a new survey, one of two Norwegians thinks Norwegian business leaders are less corrupt than their European counter parts.

The survey conducted by Visendi on behalf of the Norwegian news bureau (NTB), indicates that 49.9 percent of the participants think corruption is less comment among Norwegian business leaders than among European.

Jan Borgen, general secretary in Transparency International, said the people who think there is less corruption in Norway than in the rest of Europe are just plain naïve.

“I could ask the question differently. What indicates that we have a less corruption than other countries?” Berge said to NTB. “I can not see what it is in our business and industry which is so much better than others.”

At the same time, as much as 43.7 percent of the approximately thousand people who participated believes that corruption is as common in Norway as other countries in Europe, while only2.2 percent believes there is more corruption in Norway than elsewhere.

The survey was conducted this week as a result of the media focus on questionable contracts signed by Norwegian businesses.

Borgen said he was pleased that media have started to focus on corruption cases in Norwegian business and industry, and got the problems on the agenda.

“I hope the press uncovers more cases because it is a long road to an attitude change,” Borgen said. “I am sceptical to business leaders who say that these cases are just exceptions. I think there are a lot more.”

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