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"Norwegian" luxury ship sank

The “Norwegian” cruise ship “Pride of America”, which is currently being converted at a shipyard in Germany, sank last night in a violent storm.

TV 2 Nettavisen got the information confirmed at the dockyard Lloyd Werft in Bermerhaven. “Pride of America” is owned by Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). Three employees at the yard were injured in the accident.


As a result of the massive storm which raged in Bremerhaven last night, the huge ship smashed into dock and started to take in water. When TV 2 Nettavisen spoke with a representative at the shipyard at 10:30 a.m. Norwegian time Wednesday, the ship had a heel of 20 degrees. The water had reached the third deck, and there was allegedly full chaos at the yard.

The yard administration has identified at least one hole in the ship’s hull, but at this time no one wants to comment on the damage.

“Pride of America” pulled down a huge crane when the ship sank, and the crane crushed a building in its fall.


“Pride of America” is currently being converted at Lloyd Werft. The passenger capacity is going to be increased from 2000 to 2500, and the hull is going to be increased with 25 meters. The work was supposed to be concluded in April of this year.

NCL had planned to send it off on its first cruise May 9. However, the company is no longer sure it will be able to keep its planned time schedule.

Behind NCL are famous Norwegian financers like Trygve Hegnar and Kristian Siem. The shipping line was taken over by the Malaysian Star Cruises four years ago.

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