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"Raped a hundred times a year"

“Without exaggerating, I was raped at last three times a week,” said the 20-year-old daughter of murdered man at Nedenes tingrett Thursday.

In court she was asked if that was more than a thousand times during a decade.

“Yes, but it feels like much more” answered the daughter.

Bashkim Hasani was stabbed to death by his children when he was in the hospital in December 2002. The 20-year-old daughter, who along with her younger brother allegedly killed their father, admits to having participated in the murder, but at the same time she denies murder with intent.

The two other persons charged in the case, the mother and the 18-year-old sister, pleaded not guilty for aiding and abetting the murder of Hasani.

Raped at the workshop

The sexual assaults were described in great detail in court Thursday. The 20-year-old told the court about rapes in the family home, at his workshop, in the woods and on trips.

She was forced to different types of sexual intercourse which sometimes were violent.

“If he was there with me alone, without anybody else in the house, he used much more violence.”

Most of the assaults took place behind the half open door of her bedroom, that way the father could hear if someone was approaching the room.

The father always slept in the living room so that he could watch television. Many of the assaults took place there as well.

For a long time, she was forced to watch porn movies with him because he wanted her to learn about sexual intercourse.

She further explained that her father had harassed her by inviting her to bring her lesbian girlfriend for a threesome.

“I don’t bother to look at your face”

“I pretended not to be there. He used to say that I was like a dead corps, that he didn’t feel like it, but that he had needs. “You must imagine that I am someone else. That is what I do and that is why it’s so easy for me to feel good.”

“I don’t bother to look at your face, to see that you are crying. I can’t understand that you can be in pain when I’m enjoying myself,” the father allegedly said.

She said she was constantly afraid of becoming pregnant.

She was always told to wash up afterwards, but she often had to wait until morning because the father was afraid that someone would see her.

“I did manage to be within my own body. I wanted to run away from myself. I hated myself. Sometimes I showered with my panties on because I didn’t want to see myself. I started to wear boy’s pants and big sweaters so that no one would think of me like my father did. I don’t understand why nobody noticed that I changed my behaviour. I was alone

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