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"Return of the King" already seen by 122,000

Not surprisingly, the last movie in Peter Jackson’s trilogy, “Return of the King” is a major hit at the box office. As much as 115,000 people separate the two most viewed films last weekend.

As many as 122,178 people ventured into the dark of the Norwegian movie theatres this weekend to view the final movie in Jackson’s trilogy of “The Lord of the Rings.” So far has 250,000 Norwegians seen the movie.

In light of the huge numbers, it is not surprising that Norwegian film distributors are holding back major films like “The Last Samurai” and “Cold Mountain.” Apparently nothing can compete with Aragorn and the hobbits.

Big gap

It is awfully far down from the top to the second most viewed movie at the theatres this weekend.

The little fishy Nemo occupies a second place with about 8,300 moviegoers, while the movie “Love Actually” was viewed by 10,000 people less than the week before and ended up with 7836 moviegoers.

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